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Associate Director of Operations
Louisiana Tech University
Ruston, LA, USA
Position: Full Time

Job Description
The Institute for Micromanufacturing (IfM) is seeking applications for the position of Associate Director of Operations. The IfM is the largest research center on the campus of Louisiana Tech University, and specializes in the development of micro- and nano- systems and technologies. The Institute supports the research activities of professors and students from every engineering and science discipline on campus, and of multiple other academic and commercial entities within the region. The Institute maintains 20,000 sq ft of research laboratory space, which interfaces with a 5,000 sq ft cleanroom, providing access to a powerful suite of micro/nano fabrication and metrology equipment. The IfM also maintains a vibrant partnership with the university’s Center for Biomedical Engineering and Rehabilitation Science (CBERS), which provides core instrumentation facilities and laboratory space for the biological aspects of IfM research. As a key member of the IfM technical staff, the Associate Director of Operations will have technical as well as managerial responsibilities related to the micro/nano fabrication capabilities of the Institute. The primary technical duties will be to: 1) establish and participate in preventative maintenance and process quality control procedures for the core microfabrication and metrology equipment; and 2) establish, monitor, and maintain the cleanroom air quality. The primary managerial duties will be to oversee: 1) the process training and safety training of student users by the technical staff; and 2) the process services and in-house equipment repairs performed by the technical staff. Furthermore, the Associate Director of Operations will serve as the principal liaison for external academic, commercial, and government contracts.

B.S. in a relevant engineering discipline plus ten (10) years of relevant experience, or M.S. in an engineering discipline plus five (5) years of experience.

Application Info

2015-02-26 16:45:50

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